Over the years I've helped numerous clients with everything from event management to saving them costs on bulk products to assisting with designs for marketing campaigns. Now I'm happy to help and offer my knowledge and experience to you. Find some information below and reach out if you think I can help

“Achieving greatness is a lifestyle, not a task”

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Melbourne, Venue

Melbournes new home of world class festivals. Boasting some of Australias biggest events and still very much in it's infancy when it comes to event venues.

Kent, Venue

A diamond in the rough. Great location with a direct train line into London Victoria, connecting to Dover. With over 60,000sqm of green space, this is a great venue for large scale music festivals in Kent, the garden of England

How I Can Help

Event Management

My bread and butter. I have been operating my event business since 2015. The range of events I've been to and operated at is pretty incredible. From Sports Days to the Grand Prix, Royal Melbourne Show to the local school fete. I've been a part of events across three continents and there a no signs of slowing down. If you are looking for some support on your next big event, or simply some advice... Reach out. It pays to plan

Product Import

Something that always get's me excited is receiving those new samples of a new product. I've imported over 500+ different items over the past 10 years and have developed a pipeline which enables me to import almost anything at very low costs. So if you are in the market for a new product or would like to reduce your costs and increase your margins, then let me see if I can help.

Marketing Strategies

Wether it's for an event, a business launch, or product and/or services launch, marketing is a key fundamental of it's success. Running a small business myself, I know how daunting marketing can be especially when it comes to budgets for campaigns. Let me talk you through some of my low cost effective strategies and how to achieve better results.

Small Business Startups

Having gone through this on a number of accessions, there's an abundance of knowledge and ideas I can share and assist with. Wether it's with me or someone else, make sure you arm yourself with a heap of knowledge and a strategy on how to navigate through the startup phase of your business.

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What I do

My main passion is events, I run Amazing Event Hire, formally know as Aussie Sports Activations. Throughout the years it's taken on a few new identities as I've transitioned from a sports coach, operating Elite Soccer Coaching, through to a Soccer Inflatable hire business, know as Soccer Stars, then adding more equipment and more sports, becoming Aussie Sports Activations. Finally, with the inventory of equipment I now have, I am more than just a sports inflatable supplier, so I have since began the process of rebranding to Amazing Event Hire.

As well as providing a hire services I have also purchased inflatables for clients, as well as other products and have recently been importing a wide range of stock. Utilising my contacts I have over in China, I am able to offer an end to end solution for importing products and I am confident that nine out of ten times I would be able to save you costs on the products.

Beyond that I have a Diploma in Business and an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communications, with my knowledge and expertise I am able to create and implement a variety of strategies to aid in your growth, or to enable an idea to become a reality.

So take advantage of my no obligation consultation and let's see what we can achieve together.

Transparent Pricing Model

Costs! It's a daunting thing for everyone, small or large businesses, so I operate a very transparent and clear pricing model. Unless otherwise discussed, pricing is as follows:

Event Management

$110+GST per hour plus expenses

(Expenses include but aren't limited to logistics, materials and contractors. To be discussed and confirmed prior to event launch)

Initial Consultation

20 minute consultation at no cost

(for new clients only)

Marketing Strategies

​Either working with you on a budget or on a campaign with an agreed allocation of time and costs

$99.00+GST per hour

Product Import

10% of the overall product invoice

(If you purchase 10,000 products at $1.50 = $15,000.00

my fee would be $1,500)

I am proud to share a concept in which was launched back in 2019 and now operates in both Australia and England.

Inflatable Fun Park

A ticketed family attraction I operate during summer, often featuring the worlds largest inflatable maze, a huge inflatable pool and a heap of other fun attractions

Event Support

If you're looking for on-hand support at your next event then reach out. We're putting together a team of experienced event professionals to assist with your next event, everything from logistics, to strategies, setup and backdown to operational staff as well as marketing activation team members.

e-Event Management

$55.00+GST per hour plus expenses

(Expenses include but aren't limited to logistics, materials and contractors. To be discussed and confirmed prior to event launch)

Event Assistant

$65.00+GST per hour

One of our team can assist you with your event needs

Content Creation

$46.00+GST per hour

From editing to creation, send us your raw material/footage and we'll give it back to you ready to share across a number of different platforms

Event Analysis

$55.00 per hour

How was your event? Would you like another opinion, we can review your event management plan along with content to share our thoughts

Discovery Session

Unlock the full potential of your business with a Discovery Session at Craig Peter Consulting. This one-on-one session is designed to delve deep into your business challenges, aspirations, and operational nuances. With years of expertise in events, business, and marketing, we aim to identify actionable strategies tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, this session will provide you with valuable insights and set the stage for a transformative business journey. Book your Discovery Session today and take the first step towards achieving your business goals.

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